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Darren Barnett says the new Victoria’s Secret Pink gender neutral line reflected his ‘own style’

Darren Barnett says the new Victoria’s Secret Pink gender neutral line reflected his ‘own style’

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Darren Barnet says the new Victoria’s Secret Pink gender-neutral line reflected his “own style”.

The ‘Never Have I Ever’ star wears the garments “all the time” after being named an ambassador for the brand, which recently attempted to overhaul its image after a series of sexual assault and harassment allegations

The 31-year-old actor told WWD: “Honestly, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the line itself. It really is stuff that I wear all the time; it’s stuff that’s very comparable to stuff that I’ve worn in my own style and my own collection. I wear it around the house. I have worn it, literally, on a [red] carpet before and taken pictures with it. I just did a photoshoot in a magazine with it. I’ve traveled with it; I wear it on the plane.”

Darren called judging the The ‘Pink With Purpose Project’ – a prize which gives $25,000 to ten young people looking to enrich their local communities with projects and causes- “a really fulfilling experience”.

He said: “The Pink With Purpose Project was a really fulfilling experience for me. Seeing the genuine smiles and joy on the girls’ faces when they won this grant to fuel a project that they found to be, you know, going with all the Pink guidelines of inclusivity and community, was really rewarding for me.”

After their foray into a more progressive image – through efforts such as casting models with disabilities, transgender models and so on – the brand asser they “make no excuse for their past”, which included their former CEO Les Wexner being linked to billionaire convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, who posed a recruiter for the brand to get to know young women.

After the singer Jax released the single, ‘Victoria’s Secret’ about the poor body image the old branding left with her, Amy Hauk, the CEO of Pink posted a letter on Instagram that read: “We make no excuse for the past. And we are committed to regaining your trust. Our transformation is a journey and every day we are working hard to advocate for all women.”



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