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Drag Royalty Varla Jean Merman Brings Her One-Woman Show to You – and Answers the Socialite Seven

Drag Royalty Varla Jean Merman Brings Her One-Woman Show to You – and Answers the Socialite Seven

Varla Jean Merman

When it comes to legendary drag queens, there’s Coco Peru, Lady Bunny, RuPaul (of course) and the fabulous Varla Jean Merman.

You may remember Varla from the cult classic Girls Will Be Girls or her appearance on Project Runway. She has also performed with Instagram darling Leslie Jordan and played Rosemary Chicken on All My Children.

Varla has entertained audiences in cabarets and concert halls across the world including the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, the New York Public Theater, London’s Soho Theatre and shows in Provincetown, MA, New Orleans, San Francisco and Ft. Lauderdale.

If you’ve never had the chance to see her in person, social network GROWLR is bringing you her one-woman show online for free on Saturday, May 16 at 9pm.

Varla took a moment from her busy schedule to check-in to answer the Socialite Seven, and let us know how she’s dealing with life under quarantine and, rest assured, her sense of humor is firmly intact.  

Varla Jean Merman

How are you doing during the quarantine? 

Well, the great thing is I will have all new costumes after the lockdown, because I can’t fit into a single thing I own. I’m gonna have to invest in a Lady Bunny caftan. Or maybe I’ll just find a fashionable boat cover.

What do you miss the most?

I miss the sweet interaction with my favorite bartender in the parking lot as he reminds me that I left again without closing out my tab.

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What are you watching or binging right now? 

I am only watching sweet puppy dog movies. Seriously. A Dog’s Journey. A Dog’s Purpose. Marley and Me. Homeward Bound. See, I love furry creatures! That’s why I love my Growlr!

What’s keeping you sane?

Frozen margaritas. A lot of frozen margaritas.

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What are your go-to quarantine snacks?

I used to be healthy. I used to be. Now I wake up in spirals of shame wondering how many bags of Fritos Scoops I have consumed. And have you tried them with a spicy pimento cheese? Yes, I’ve put the feed bag on…

Varla Jean Merman

Have you discovered anything about yourself while on lockdown? 

That I’m not ashamed to drink alone at home. In the morning. And besides the constant eating and drinking, this is kind of exactly how I lived before the lockdown.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when all of this is over? 

Find someone heavier than me to be seen with so I don’t look so fat. Unfortunately, that list is getting smaller every day.

Don’t miss Varla Jean Merman’s one-woman show on GROWLr Live, the in-app live video broadcasting feature on GROWLR this Saturday at 9pm EST. Keep up with Varla on Twitter and Instagram.   

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