Endnotes: Brad Pitt Thinks He’s Getting Too Old for Hollywood and More News

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Brad Pitt "Ad Astra" Red Carpet Arrivals - The 76th Venice Film Festival

“Hold on,” says Brad Pitt. We’re speaking over the phone, as he makes his way home in LA and some guy – a guy who’s about to have a story he can dine out on for years – is blocking traffic.

“What are you doing?” asks Pitt, giving the horn a couple of short pumps. Then two more, longer this time.

“Oh you know, I’m just taking care of business,” he says, when we ask what the reaction is to Brad Pitt honking someone on a sunny LA afternoon.

“But he might have a story that Brad Pitt just honked at him, and said to get the fuck out of the way.”

Pitt is a star in a way that few Hollywood actors are. Not just famous but such a part of the culture that it feels surreal anyone could cross paths with him in the regular world of supermarkets and grocery aisles, or even on the road.

He’s a star in the way they used to make them in Hollywood.

Read more at GQ Australia.

A very curious fashion choice for Gigi Hadid. — Go Fug Yourself

A short-tempered shopper at the UK retailer Asda had a meltdown because the shop was selling a pair of gendered Pride gnomes wearing rainbow hats. Seriously. — Towleroad

The slopes were wet when Gus Kenworthy popped by NAILED with Michael Henry this week! OMG BLOG

John F. Kennedy Jr. was ready to run for office when he died 20 years ago. — Celebitchy

One of the slimy sea creatures (not a fish joke, I swear) that got caught in the wake of the 2017 #MeToo movement was Jeremy Piven. Former Playboy Playmate Ariane Bellmar accused Jeremy of groping her on the set of Entourage and later at the Playboy Mansion. Two more women also accused Jeremy of being gross, and Jeremy responded by denying it all and offering to take a lie detector test (which he passed). Things might have worked out in Jeremy’s favor, but he’s still so upset that it happened to him. — Dlisted

Tuesday marked the first time Keanu Reeves (Ted), 54, and Alex Winter (Bill), 53, were spotted on the set of Bill & Ted 3 together in New Orleans, Louisiana. — Evil Beet Gossip

Channing Tatum has filed a restraining order against a woman who allegedly broke into his home and stayed there for 10 days.

According to the court documents, obtained by E! News, the Magic Mike star is seeking protection for himself, ex-wife Jenna Dewan, daughter Everly Tatum, as well as his and Jenna's personal assistants.

The docs state that a woman named Chantal, who Channing does not know, allegedly trespassed onto his gated property, broke into his vacant home and hid inside for 10 days until she was discovered and arrested on June 24.

The woman was discovered in the house in June when Jenna's assistant stopped by the home, which had been vacant due to construction, to pick up mail.

Jenna's assistant discovered the woman in the house and called police, as well as Channing's assistant, who then arrived to the house.

Read more at E! News.

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