Eva Mendes says that Ryan Gosling is ‘an incredible cook’

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Eva Mendes says that Ryan Gosling is “an incredible cook”.

The ‘Hitch’ star says what “works” for and her longterm love – and father to their two daughters, Esmeralda, seven, and Amada, six, – is she does the cleaning and the 41-year-old actor cooks.

While talking about who does what domestic task, the 48-year-old actress told PEOPLE magazine: Ryan’s the cook. He’s an incredible cook. I think that there’s a really nice balance to ‘you cook, I clean.’ And it just works for us.”

Eva believes that “clean sink equals clear mind” so she uses it to calm herself after a stressful day.

She said: “Life is so chaotic. But the one thing I can control is my house, my kitchen. So when I do the dishes it’s meditative for me. It really goes deeper than just cleaning up. It really gives me clarity. Clean sink equals clear mind for me.”

‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ star says she finds the process “emotional” because of how she was raised in “a tiny, tiny apartment”..

Eva said: “Growing up in a tiny, tiny apartment with a lot of people, we didn’t have anything. But when the house was clean, it was like, ‘Hey, I just feel better.’ Everybody felt better. So for me, it’s really emotional.”

She also shared that despite everything she still a “mess” working from home on all her projects due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

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Eva said: “It’s a mess! I’ll be Zooming with various people throughout the day and I have no idea. I’ll see people kind of giggle, and I see my five year old, who just turned six, will be right behind me with her blankie and looking so cute.”

Even after establishing some ground rules – only being able to come if the door is closed its “super important” – Eva finds it difficult to maintain or stay mad.

She said: “Of course, my six year old will run in and say, ‘It’s so important.’ And I’m just like, ‘What?’ She’s like, ‘Essie took my Barbie,’ but it’s hard to be mad because it’s so cute.”



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