The Friday Cocktail — The French Martini

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The French Martini

You made it to the end of the week and now it's time to drink! We're highlighting a new cocktail each Friday so we can all enjoy a little something special to kick off our weekend.

This week's cocktail is The French Martini.

The French Martini is the drink that helped to kick off the flavored Martini craze of the ’90s. The cocktail was brought to prominence in NYC restauranteur Keith McNally’s Balthazar, where it appeared on the menu after being placed on the menu in one of his other establishments.

It’s sweet and creamy due to the pineapple juice and Chambord black raspberry liqueur. The primary spirit is vodka, though sometimes rum is used instead. I prefer the vodka version as I am not a rum fan.

Here is what you'll need to make a French Martini

The French Martini


2 ounces vodka
1 ounce pineapple juice
1⁄4 ounce Chambord raspberry liquor


Raspberry or a Lemon Twist


Mix all ingredients in shaker.
Shake well.
Strain and pour into a Martini glass.

(via Martha Stewart)

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