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Hugh Jackman offers Ryan Reynolds some ‘incredibly smart career advice’

Hugh Jackman offers Ryan Reynolds some ‘incredibly smart career advice’

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Hugh Jackman is back to his trolling of Ryan Reynolds once again.

The X-Men star shared a bit of “career advice” for Reynolds from a New York City police officer and apparent Deadpool fan on Saturday, advice which essentially amounts to giving Jackman a role in the upcoming third Deadpool film.

“Hey Ryan, you’ve got to get this guy in Deadpool 3,” Officer John Dobkowski said in a video Jackman posted to Twitter. “Even if it’s for a 10-minute cameo, that would be awesome. That movie would be so cool, so great, it would blow the box office.”

Dobkowski also jokingly threatened to give Reynolds a ticket if Jackman doesn’t appear in the movie.

“Officer Dobkowski is doling out incredibly smart career advice for @VancityReynolds,” Jackman wrote alongside the video. “Sharing is caring.”

The two stars are known to be good friends and have had a joking rivalry online for years.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the works with Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin (Bob’s Burgers) busy writing the script.

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