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Jamie Dornan wants to be tested by his movie roles

Jamie Dornan wants to be tested by his movie roles

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Jamie Dornan says you can’t get “too comfortable” in the movie business, else “you’re f*****”.

The 39-year-old actor has made a conscious effort to not get typecast since starring as bondage-loving billionaire Christian Grey in the X-rated ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise.

And Jamie admitted he has to make sure a role is going to “test” him in order to get any satisfaction out of the experience.

He explained: “It’s all about seeking a challenge.

“And if you get too comfortable in this industry, you’re f*****. I believe that.

“I always want to prove something to myself. I’m a bit driven in that way of always wanting to challenge myself beyond what I’ve already achieved, or what I’ve already sort of dealt with. I want the next thing to be something I have to work really hard to prove to myself — and potentially to other people — that I’m capable of this, whatever it is.”

The ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ star insisted he wouldn’t “enjoy” his job as much if he didn’t feel challenged.

He added to IndieWire: “I think I’ve always been driven by that, but I’m more willing to admit that recently.

“Call it an ambition, or a desire, or whatever, but it’s something within me, to constantly test yourself. Otherwise, I just don’t think I get as much out of it, I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much.”

Meanwhile, Jamie recently confessed that dealing with ‘Fifty Shades’ critics was “f****** difficult at times”.

The big-screen adaptations of E. L. James’ best-selling erotic romance trilogy were “obsessively loved and despised by every critic”, which came with its challenges.

He explained: “There’s nothing like ‘Fifty Shades’ in terms of, it was based on books and we were staying very close to these books. These books were loved by fandom. Really loved, obsessively loved and despised by every critic.

“You know that you’re going to have these movies that are for the fans, that the fans are going to love, that are gonna make a ton of money.

“But you know that the critics will be just, you know, licking their lips and that’s exactly what happened. And we knew that was going to happen, so you’re watching that play out and at times that’s f****** difficult.”

However, the 39-year-old actor – who starred alongside Dakota Johnson, 32, as the female protagonist Anastasia Steele – doesn’t “regret” signing up for the blockbuster movies.



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