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Celebrity Trainer Jason Wimberly Answers the Socialite Seven

Celebrity Trainer Jason Wimberly Answers the Socialite Seven

Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly

With clients including Selma Blair and Jane Lynch, among others, Jason Wimberly is no stranger to the world of health and fitness. If you’re looking for motivation to get fit and get in shape during the quarantine, Jason is here to bring his expertise – along with some fun and sass to your at-home workouts.  

Jason’s new web series, Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly premieres Wednesday, May 6th on WOW Presents Plus.

Each week, Jason coaches top RuPaul’s Drag Race queens through a step-by-step workout that’s equal parts fun and fitness. Raja, Monique Heart, Laganja Estranja, Sonique, and Kameron Michaels join Jason inin easy-to-follow routines that prove working out doesn’t have to be a drag. 

Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly

Jason took time out from his fitness pursuits to answer the Socialite Seven. Learn more about him and how he’s staying healthy and sane during the lockdown.  

How are you doing during the quarantine? 

My heart breaks for those suffering so much, and I know it’s a scary time for all of us. I feel for the planet and all the pain being felt, I only hope we see this as an opportunity as well – a chance to reprioritize, readjust, and refocus on what really matters. I’m lucky to have the support of my family to get me through this harrowing time. 

Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly

What do you miss the most?

I work with bodies for a living, so I miss connecting. I’ve taught over 7500 classes in my career. Imagine how many people I’ve given sweaty hugs to. I miss them all. 

What are you watching or binging right now? 

Ugh don’t hate me but I’m not watching tv. I’ve been reading or drawing, and I also just downloaded lifetime access to Babbel – I’m hoping to learn Japanese. 

What’s keeping you sane?

Movement. I have a little fitness studio in my home, and I spend at least 4 hours in there a day just moving around. Some days I stretch and dance, some days I lift and jump. For me, fitness always allowed me to control my own reality, especially when things were out of control otherwise. Fitness was a way to create for me, a way to master my own little universe. So, as long as I can sweat, I’m sane. 

Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly

What are your healthy go-to quarantine snacks?

I am a Costco Queen and I LOVE the dried Mangos there. They are pure sugar, but I don’t care as I devour the whole thing in a week or less. Wait, you said healthy?

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What advice would you give to people struggling to find motivation to workout?

Listen, motivation is hard. If it was easy, I wouldn’t have a job. For me, it’s all about self-worth. I believe I deserve to be the best, receive the best, experience the best. I believe I am worthy of that, and so that means being my best physical self.

It seems so obvious to me as it’s really the only thing we have control over. But if that still won’t get me off my ass, I remind myself it’s not just for me. I need to be my best for the people in my life that I love. I don’t ever want to miss out on life because I wasn’t physically able, and I’m grateful for every single day that I am.

Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when all of this is over?

Well, I’m not sure it will ever really “be over,” the way we wish it was. Sort of how 9/11 changed air travel, I think this will change a lot of our reality. That being said, I’m trying to not put any exceptions on the future and just stay present in the day to day, because that’s all we know. The first thing I will do though is hug and kiss every person I love…and probably a few I don’t.

Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly

Watch the Working Out is a Drag with Jason Wimberly trailer below

Don’t miss the premiere of Working Out is a Drag this Wednesday on WOW Presents Plus – and for more tips and inspiration, follow Jason on Instagram and Twitter.

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