Chris Evans Gives His Dog a Disastrous Haircut During Quarantine

Michael Prieve 1 Min Read
1 Min Read
Chris Evans and Dodger

Put down your sheers, Chris Evans!

Evans, 38, posted proof of the worst dog haircut ever on Twitter Monday, showing Dodger's destroyed coat as the dog mercifully looked in another direction.

“It went so wrong, so fast. I guess some things are better left to the professionals,” Evans wrote, adding, “He hasn’t seen a mirror yet. I told him it looks great.”

Evans made it clear that he (and Dodger) thought Evans was up to the clipper task.

“I assured him I knew what I was doing. He seemed skeptical at first, but with the help of a few treats, I talked him into it,” Evans wrote.

Hopefully, Dodger will be able to forgive the Captain America actor, who adopted him from a shelter in 2015.

Evans obviously loves his the little guy, so I'm hoping Dodger will be quick to forgive him.

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