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Kylie Jenner’s Facial Skin Scrub Will Allegedly Destroy Your Face

Kylie Jenner’s Facial Skin Scrub Will Allegedly Destroy Your Face

Kylie Jenner Skin Walnut Scrub

Kylie Jenner‘s soon-to-be-released skincare line KylieSkin has not even launched, but it’s already gathering criticism from Twitter users and professionals alike.

The beauty guru’s line is set to launch on 22 May, but already one item is concerning fans online — a face scrub that contains walnut.

Kylie promoted the scrub on Twitter and Instagram, where she hailed it as her “secret to a fresh face,” adding it could be used every day.

In a video she touted the scrub, and went on to acknowledge that other walnut face scrubs are “kinda harsh” but reassured fans that hers wouldn’t be too abrasive.

The response to this was pretty astonishing:

While the skincare line is just launching, she’s set to expand her empire with baby and hair care lines.

21-year-old Jenner has filed trademarks for baby and hair care lines separately, WWD reports.

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Jenner, who is a mom to 1-year-old daughter Stormi, filed for trademarks on May 9 for “Kylie Baby” and “Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner” for baby and infant clothing, skin care and lifestyle products, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The products will span from clothing and “costumes for use in children’s dress up play” to bath products, diapers, strollers, baby food and more.

Kylie Jenner baby food. No thank you!

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