Lagoona Bloo answers the Socialite Seven

Lagoona Bloo

Drag sensation Lagoona Bloo, who you may know from her recent appearance on Nailed It! or as part of the drag girl supergroup Stephanie’s Child (with Drag Race alums Jan and Rosé) has just released her solo debut EP, Aqua.

This mermaid pop princess has got your summer covered with some hot new tracks that are sure to be your soundtrack for the hottest time of the year.

We talked in-depth to Lagoona about the new album and how she got her start in drag (you can check out the full interview here), but we also wanted to know more about her, so we put her in the hot seat for another round of the Socialite Seven. Get to know more about this future Drag Racer (we hope) as she takes our quiz!

What are three things you can’t live without?

What is the PG rating? Umm…smoothies, umm, I want to say weed, but I don’t know if I can say that! I love pot. It’s legal here in New York. Honestly I would say that, music and my friends – and of course drag, but I feel like that comes with the territory. So, yeah, weed, music and friends. I don’t know what I would do without that.

What band or singer would your fans be surprised to know that you’re a fan of?

Hmm. I don’t know. I recently, as I started doing music, I’ve been really into indie, queer artists.

I’m really into Brandon Colbein right now. He’s really wonderful. Oh God, it’s tough because when I think of my music, I feel like because I perform such a wide range of music…maybe Fleetwood Mac? Yeah. I mean, I sing “Dreams” all the time, but they probably know that anyway…

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Oh, Kim Petras or Ariana Grande. My dream collab is Kim or Ariana or honestly a trio, like, hello, let’s do something like that!

What’s been the favorite thing that you’ve discovered during quarantine? Did you have a favorite binge show?

Writing music. I know that’s, it’s probably not surprising, but I love writing. I had no idea, that I could do it, I didn’t know I was good at it or that I would be good at it. It’s all I did during quarantine. I binged all of Steven Universe during quarantine, which is amazing, and also all of Sailor Moon. Okay. So, I’m a cartoon girl.  

If you could wake up in the morning with a superpower, what would it be?

Ooh, superpower. I would say honestly, a shape-shifting ability would be really nice because then I could just snap my fingers and I would be in drag and I wouldn’t take me three hours to get into drag. A shape shifter would be f—ing rad. And flight would be cool. I used to think I’d like to breathe underwater, but you know, we’re destroying our oceans. So, flight sounds good to me as well.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is one that I forgot, and I’ve recently been in therapy and it has been brought up again. One of the last lessons on my mom taught me before she left, that she expressed to me was that there’s always something to be thankful for. And I didn’t understand because my mom was dying when she told me that and I was like, what do you mean? Like how can I be thankful? How can you be thankful right now? You’re leaving, I’m about to lose you. And my mom said, “well, I’m glad that I have cancer and you don’t.” She was like, “I’m glad that you have your eyes. I’m glad that you have your legs. I’m thankful that you have a house, you have a job, you have a car, you have people who love you. You have your voice, you have your talent.” And my mom, who’s dying, went on and on about all the things that she was thankful for.

And that lesson has always like stuck with me because, as someone who has dealt with a ton of body dysmorphia, a ton of abandonment issues, a ton of feeling like I’m not good enough or whenever things don’t go my way or whenever the situation doesn’t mean my expectations, the thing that is really easy to break me out of that is listing five or six things that I’m thankful for, regardless of the heartache that I just went through. I think that is probably one of the biggest pieces of advice that has actually helped me and one that I’ve totally utilized to my benefit when I feel like I’m starting to like crumble. Whenever you’re feeling like you’re not good enough, or you’re unhappy or anxious or whenever things aren’t going your way, or you’re upset or sad or mad. I take some deep breaths. And I just start to think about the things that I do have.

What are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for Team Lagoona. I have a group of people in my life who have endlessly believed in me and invested in me with nothing, but just trusting in me. I have my choreographer, Daniel Gold. I have my roommate, Sarah, who is in charge of so much of my social media. I have my manager, Jackie, I have my producer Carson and then I have my two best friends, Jan and Rosé.

They are 100% Team Lagoona and they believe in me and they will do anything for me at the drop of a hat. And what’s also amazing is that they… I lost my train of thought because I was getting emotional. I don’t have a relationship with my family – a lot of it has been very painfully distanced because I’m queer and because I do what I do. What I’m most grateful for is that I have a new family. I have these people who just love me and, and who I can rely on and count on like family. And I would not be where I am without them. So that’s probably what I’m most, most grateful for. And, of course the music, but none of it would have happened without them. So yeah, I’m most grateful for Team Lagoona.

Aqua is now available on all streaming platforms. Keep up with Lagoona on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and her website,

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