Lindsay Lohan Gets ‘Punched’ in the Face After Accusing Family of Human Trafficking — WATCH

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Lindsay Lohan

Linsday Lohan posted a bizarre video on her Instagram of her accusing a homeless Muslim family of trafficking children, attempts to kidnap a child.

Lohan, who posted on Instagram that she was spending the day in Moscow, Russia, uploaded a video to her Instagram Live story of her approaching a family who was resting on the street under a blanket.

After leaving a nightclub in Russia, Lohan came across a homeless family sleeping on the street. Per the video, she offers to buy them a hotel room, but they kindly decline, shaking their heads.

Not taking “no” for an answer, Lohan then offers to take just their children to her hotel room for the night, enticing them with the idea of watching movies on TV. The mother yet again declines.

If things weren’t weird enough already, Lohan starts speaking in a Middle Eastern accent until the family gets up and leaves. Following them in the dark, she accuses the mother of human trafficking and yells “Don’t fuck with Pakistan!” while still trying to take the children.

Finally, when Lohan tries to grab one of the children by the hand, the mother turns on a dime and punches her right in the face.

The video ends with a shocked, weeping Lohan explaining that she was trying to save the boys.

This tweet pretty much sums the whole thing up with one tidy bow.

I missing dancing meme Lindsay Lohan.



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