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Lorde enjoys some day drinking with Seth Meyers — WATCH

Lorde enjoys some day drinking with Seth Meyers — WATCH

Lorde Late Night With Seth Meyers - Season 8

Ahead of Lorde’s performance on Seth Meyers’ show, the pair tried their hands at mixology in his Day Drinking segment.

Meyers invented a range of Lorde-inspired cocktails, including Ribs (featuring real ribs) and a highly-caffeinated Solar Power, when he caught up with the Kiwi singer at the New York City hot spot Zero Bond.

Lorde featured as a guest on Meyers segment, Day Drinking, which had taken a break in recent months due to the pandemic.

Lorde Late Night With Seth Meyers - Season 8
LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS — Episode 1173A — Pictured: (l-r) Singer Lorde and host Seth Meyers during “Seth and Lorde go Day Drinking” — (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)

In the 12-minute segment, Meyers serves up everything from a cheeky Foster’s Premium Ale to a red wine and Sake cocktail.

Myers explained the choice of a Foster’s larger: “We tried to get a New Zealand beer, but we couldn’t get one. So, we got a Foster’s – which is Australian. I’m sure, as a Kiwi, you will admit those countries are interchangeable.”

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Lorde was on the show to premiere her latest single, ahead of her performance of “Stoned at the Nail Salon” on Meyers’ late night show.

Watch Seth Meyers day drink with Lorde



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