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Meet Instagram Hottie Richie Kul

Meet Instagram Hottie Richie Kul

Richie Kul

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieRichie Kul!

Say hello to an incredible actor/model/activist — Richie Kul. Kul is a Stanford educated former investment banker turned prominent vegan activist and uses his platform to show the world that you can still be strong, healthy and masculine whilst not harming the planet and our fellow living beings.

How does Richie stay fit? He told The Perfect Man, “I strive to show people that you can strong, healthy and masculine on a plant-based diet, and there’s no finer way to convey that message than by walking the walk and leading by example.”

“On a typical day, I do an intermittent fast for 16 hours with two large meals for lunch and dinner. In between, I hit the gym for 45 minutes, targeting one muscle group, and then go for a hike in the forest with Lil. Consistency is everything.”

On being vegan, Kul says, “I want to show people you can still be strong and masculine without harming other living beings. Going against the herd, going against the grain, challenging the status quo – that’s the true measure of a man.”

Enjoy these pics of Richie Kul.
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This World Vegan Day, I’m proud to stand alongside 29 other change makers as one of @greenisthenewblackcom’s 2019 Green Warriors. This year, they’re helping to raise awareness for the pressing issue of climate change, which is recognised the world over by leading scientists and evidenced through melting ice caps and rising sea levels and temperatures. The time to be accountable and act decisively is NOW, while there’s still a planet to save. Did you know that animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones and destruction to the Amazon rain forest? Or that it’s responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all modes of transport combined? Together, let’s align our actions with our values and look after our precious planet and the beings we share her with. And if you’re in Singapore this weekend, be sure to drop by @greenisthenewblackcom’s Conscious Festival! 🐮🌍♻️🌊🌿🐋 📸: @alexmacro #WorldVeganDay #GreenIsTheNewBlack #ConsciousFestival #climatechangeisreal #animallover #veganhk #vegansg #sgvegan #climatechange #zerowaste #vegantravel #vegan #veganfortheanimals #crueltyfree #vegansofig #veganguy #peace #love #yoga #vegansofig #whatveganslooklike #richiekul #เจ #วีแก้น #SonevaAmbassador #GoVegan

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