Someone Please Adopt the ‘World’s Worst Cat’

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World's Worst Cat Perdita

Meet Perdita. Perdita is being called the “World’s Worst Cat” by workers at the Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.

She was abandoned when her owner died and was taken to the shelter on Christmas Eve, ABC News reported.

A month later, the 4-year-old domestic shorthair still doesn’t have a permanent home.

Maybe that’s because she will pretend to give affection, but then starts to growl and swat, even, as she is rubbing against someone’s leg, ABC News reported.

Perdita’s caretakers tried to get the word out about her availability, but she scowled through her entire photoshoot with a permanent grumpy face.

Photos of the cat show she has a distinctive stare that just gives the impression she has no desire to be your friend. The shelter says Perdita’s likes include “staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again.”

Other likes include lurking in dark corners, jump scares, being queen, and fooling shelter staff into thinking she’s sick.

“Vet agrees… she’s just a jerk,” the shelter wrote.

The post concludes by stating that Perdita is a free adoption, which seems fair, as no one should have to pay to live a jerk.



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