Meet Instagram hottie Tomas Gonzalez

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Tomas Gonzalez

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieTomas Gonzalez.

Chilean gymnast has been in the news as of late. He recently came out as gay in his new autobiography.

“I suppose it is no longer an issue, but yes, I am gay,” González, 36, told the website Latercera. “And if it is about making it public, I prefer to do it in this book.”

González competed at the 2012 London, 2016 Rio and 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but did not medal, with his best finish being fourth in two events in 2012. He has won numerous medals at the Pan-Am Games and South American Games.

Nearing retirement, González said he did not want to use his sports platform to come out. “I try to contribute to society from sport … but actively participating in politics does not interest me. Obviously, I’m always going to be supporting people. As long as there are equal rights for all, I will support it. But going public with that goal was never my goal.”

Enjoy these pics and videos of the very photogenic Tomas Gonzalez

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