Mia Goth Sued for Allegedly Kicking MaXXXine Background Actor in the Head

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Mia Goth MaXXXine
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Mia Goth, renowned for her roles in X and Pearl, is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actress is being sued by a background extra from her upcoming film MaXXXine, who claims she purposefully kicked him in the head during a take. The incident resulted in his dismissal from the film last April, and now legal action is being taken.

James Hunter, the background extra, alleges that Goth kicked him in the head while filming a scene for the A24 sequel. The incident left him with a concussion and caused him to suffer significant consequences.

According to court documents, Hunter was hired to play the role of “Dead Parishioner” for three days. This involved laying on the ground, covered in fake blood, without a prop pad. Goth was supposed to step over him and then run. However, things took a turn for the worse.

In one take, Goth nearly stepped on Hunter, causing him to complain to the second assistant director. Despite this, on the next take, Goth allegedly deliberately kicked him in the head with her boot.

Mia Goth MaXXXine
Photo A24

After the scene, Hunter claims that Goth entered the bathroom where he was and proceeded to taunt and mock him. To make matters worse, removing his robe, stained with the fake blood, caused him additional pain.

The next day, Hunter received a phone call and email from the casting agency, informing him that he was not required for the remaining shoot schedule. He believes this was a wrongful termination.

In light of these events, Hunter has filed a lawsuit accusing Goth of battery. The suit also includes a wrongful termination claim against A24, Goth, and the film's director, Ti West. The outcome of this legal battle remains to be seen.



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