Miles Teller ‘got lost’ in Prince William’s eyes

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Miles Teller Netflix's "Spiderhead" New York Screening
Miles Teller attends Netflix's "Spiderhead" New York Screening at Paris Theater on June 15, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)
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Miles Teller “got lost” in Prince William‘s eyes.

The 35-year-old actor and his ‘Top Gun: Maverick' co-stars were given a list of “rules of dos and don'ts” ahead of meeting the royal couple at a Royal Film Performance screening of the movie in London in May, but he found the pair “very disarming” and instantly forgot how he was supposed to behave.

He joked: “There’s a lot of etiquette … and I kind of had a sheet so I wouldn’t f*** it up…

“Right off the bat I messed up: You’re not supposed to extend your hand right off the bat unless they do.

“But I felt the vibe, so I’m like ‘I’m going in, I’m going in.’ “

While Miles found Catherine, Princess of Wales, “beautiful and regal”, he “blacked out” when he came face-to-face with her husband, William.

He added in an interview on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon': “I was lost. In Prince William’s eyes … I mean, blue as the bluest ocean, Jimmy, what do you want? Bora Bora … and Kate is beautiful and very cordial and holds herself so well, yeah, regal … but with William I don’t know, I blacked out.”

The ‘Whiplash' star joked he thinks the prince is a “lifelong fan now”.

He added: “I was just picking up what he was putting down.”

Jon Hamm previously poked fun at Miles for “falling in love” with their royal guest.

He said: “It was black-tie, so we’re all in tuxedos. And Prince William had on his tuxedo shoes, embroidered F-18s.

“Very cool Top Gun tuxedo shoes. That means you made it. So, I no longer worry about the prince, I feel like he’s made it. He’s got it.

“He (Teller) geeked out a little on Prince William’s eyes. I remember him coming back afterwards and he was like, ‘They’re so blue… I got lost in his eyes’.

“I was like, ‘Okay, I didn’t think we were allowed to look at him in the eye. You bow and you move on, man’.

“I was like, ‘’You told the guy? You fell in love, like you got lost in his eyes?’

“He goes, ‘'I think. I don’t know, I’ve lost my mind’.”

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