Naomi Campbell to Star in New Reality Show Where She Looks For a New Personal Assistant

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This is perfection. Naomi Campbell plans to overcome the public's perception of her as an abusive psychotic by starring in a new reality show where she searches for a new personal assistant.

I'd rather try Ultimate Fighting. Seriously, it's probably safer. She's crazier than crazy. She's like a rattlesnake hopped up on crank.

British model Naomi Campbell displays an

She's Oscar the Grouch. This woman tried to throw one of her assistants out of a moving car and beats down on maids who iron her jeans wrong.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is to star in an MTV reality show which shows her searching for a new PA.

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The supermodel is determined to rid of herself of her temperamental persona with personal assistants.

A source said: “Naomi is famous for her spats with staff, so the idea is to try to have some fun and capitalize on the situation. Plus, it's TV work, which Naomi hopes will lead to acting jobs.”

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Naomi's last six assistants have quit because of her violent temper. The catwalk beauty has been accused of assault by two previous assistants – and physical and emotional attacks by another.

Last six assistants. SIX. It would make more sense if the show was about her enacting revenge on them by hunting them on an island with a rifle and attack dogs.

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The most dangerous game! It's slightly more realistic. You know if you're too slow to pick up her dry cleaning that she beats you with the punishment brick.

Hope that production has plenty of crazy violent supermodel insurance.

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