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In ‘Spaceman’ video Nick Jonas just wants to get home to his wife — WATCH

In ‘Spaceman’ video Nick Jonas just wants to get home to his wife — WATCH

Nick Jonas Spaceman

Nick Jonas has released a music video for his new single “Spaceman.” In the video he plays, a spaceman (surprise!) who is stuck on a distant planet with no one but himself.

Jonas dropped Spaceman, his fourth solo album, along with the video for the title song, on Friday morning (Mar. 12, 2021).

In the song, the Jonas Brothers star describes the feeling of being alone. “And the numbers are high but we keep goin’ down/ ‘Cause we ain’t supposed to live with nobody around/ I’m a spaceman/ Yeah, I’m a spaceman,” he sings.

Later in the chorus, he sings about missing his loved one as the music video shows him trying to get back home to his wife, portrayed by his real-life spouse Priyanka Chopra. Part of the lyrics goes, “From thе dark side of the moon/ I know that it’s sad but it’s true/ I’m tryna get home, I’m a spaceman/ Yeah, yeah, I’m a spaceman/ Out on my own.”

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The “Spaceman” video, directed by Anthony Mandler, comes just hours ahead of the release of Nick’s fourth solo album of the same title. “Spaceman” is the lead single of the album and was released on February 25, followed by the second single “This Is Heaven” on March 4.

Watch Nick Jonas’ “Spaceman video

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