Nicolas Cage almost bought a cave to get drunk in

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Nicolas Cage almost bought a cave to get “naked and drunk” in with his ex-wife.

The 58-year-old actor revealed that while filming one of the ‘National Treasure’ movies in North Dakota, he heard about a cave for sale and went to check it out for him and his then wife Alice Kim.

He told chat show host Jimmy Kimmel: “We were in North Dakota, in the Black Hills, when we were shooting one of the ‘Treasure’ movies. I said, ‘I hear there’s a cave for sale, let’s go look at it.’

“It was beautiful, with stalactites, milky quartz and crystalline walls [and reminded me of] unfiltered sake.

“At the time, I was married and [I thought] I’d like to buy this and just go down in the bottom of the cave and get totally naked with my wife and drink in the bottom of the cave in the earth.

“Needless to say, I didn’t buy the cave.”

Meanwhile, Nicolas has recently revealed that he and his current wife Riko Shibata are expecting a baby girl.

The actor already has sons Weston, 31, and Kal-El, 16, from previous relationship and is thrilled to have a daughter on the way.

Speaking on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, he said: “I’m gonna announce some big news for everyone. I am gonna have a little girl.

“I’m thrilled. It’s gonna be the biggest adventure of my life. So, here we go.”



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