Noah Purvis On His Love Island Exit: Says He Forgot About the Porn, and Told Producers It Would Never Surface

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Noah Purvis

TMZ spoke to Noah Purvis after his porn past was revealed and he was kicked off Love Island as a result.

Noah did confirm that he was kicked off the show because of his porn career, but then he gave a somewhat confusing explanation.

TMZ reports:

Noah says he'd forgotten about the porn and even told producers he was promised it would never surface, but it did … and Love Island didn't love it and gave him the ax.

As for why he chose to dabble in porn … Noah says it was mostly for the money, but he also hoped it would gain him some exposure with producers.

So how did Noah forget the porn, but also informed the producers it would never surface. And did her really think that a porn career would help gain “exposure” for a mainstream dating show?

Color me a bit confused.

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