Love Island Contestant Noah Purvis Vanishes From Show Once Gay Pornstar Past Exposed

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Noah Purvis

Where in the world is Noah? Love Island USA recently introduced a new bachelor, Noah Purvis, to its audiences.

The 24-year-old made his debut on the show on September 18, just when the cast of Love Island was reeling over the loss of four islanders. Purvis seemed to be the man with a plan as he had his eyes on Moira from the get-go.

Noah swept Moira and all the Love Island fans off their feet in the first date itself. However, fans of the show were shocked when Noah disappeared after a couple of episodes.

Love Island’s official network CBS, did not provide any explanation to the fans as to why the new islander, Noah was missing in action after merely a couple of episodes.

Well, it looks as if Noah's gay porn past was probably the reason behind his disappearance on the show.

It turns out that Noah has worked for the gay for pay website, Corbin Fisher, using the name Ethan. He's also appeared in videos for the site as recently as 10 days ago. Fans believe Love Island removed Noah after finding out.

Beyond leaving the show, his name, photographs and information have all been removed from the show's site as though he was never a contestant on it.

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