Paul Rudd hands out cookies to voters standing in the pouring rain is so Paul Rudd

Miu von Furstenberg 1 Min Read
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Paul Rudd voting

America's national treasure, Paul Rudd, took to the streets of Brooklyn to hand out cookies to people who were waiting to cast their early vote in the U.S. presidential election.

“I want to say thank you for coming out and voting,” said Rudd, while handing the baked goods to people standing in line amid the pouring rain.

“I'm voting in Brooklyn and Paul Rudd is handing out cookies,” an Internet user, who posted the clip, wrote on Twitter. When asked what kind of cookies that Paul handed out, the user shared, “Paul Rudd gave me a ‘blueberry ‘n cream' cookie, naturally. What a MENSCH.”

Last month, Rudd also conducted a comedic skit aimed at millennials in order to get them to wear masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The world doesn't deserve Paul Rudd, but we are damn glad that we do.

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