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Rapper Lil Nas X Crashes Wedding at Disney World: ‘What the F*ck Is Happening Right Now?’

Rapper Lil Nas X Crashes Wedding at Disney World: ‘What the F*ck Is Happening Right Now?’

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20-year-old rapper and singer, Lil Nas X surprised fans at a wedding Saturday night (February 22, 2020) in Orlando, Florida’s Walt Disney World, according to a video he shared over the weekend.

“just crashed a wedding at disney world,” he captioned the video on social media.

Lil Nas X escorted the bride into a ballroom, both of them in white: The bride in a lacy, sleeveless gown; the artist in sweatpants, a hoodie adorned with a tiger on the back and his signature cowboy hat. “Old Town Road” blasted in the background as the two joined a group of kids and began to dance.

“What the (expletive) is happening right now?” a shocked guest asked as the camera panned toward her.

The pair danced to his record-breaking debut hit ”Old Town Road“.

The video also shows the guests’ shocked reaction to the star, who was wearing an all-white tracksuit and his trademark cowboy hat.

Lil Nas X also made another surprise appearance at a party thrown by Bert’s Big Adventure, a nonprofit organization that brings children suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses to Disney World.

According to the Bert’s Big Adventure Instagram, Lil Nas X “was so kind and thoughtful – arriving with an autographed hat for each kiddo to wear during his performance.”

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