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RHOBH star Lisa Rinna accused of doxxing man threatening to ‘EXPOSE’ her

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna accused of doxxing man threatening to ‘EXPOSE’ her

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna was ready to play hardball after receiving a text message threatening to expose her.

Drama started on Sunday after an unsaved number reached out to her.


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“Lisa, you need to stop with your rumors and lies about me. There’s plenty I can expose about you,” the message she reposted on social media read.

Rinna didn’t back down and instead encouraged them to go public. “You exposed yourself,” she replied in a caption. “Hey expose away can’t wait to see what you’ve got.”

The Bravolebrity quickly sparked backlash for not censoring the person’s phone number on her post, with some fans accusing her of doxxing, which is publicly revealing previously private personal information “typically with malicious intent.”

“Is it illegal to publish someone’s number like that? Some form of doxxing?” one Twitter user pondered. “Lisa entering her doxx era,” another fan claimed.

“I can’t believe she posted the phone number. Unbelievable,” a Reddit user also commented amid the online drama.



Fans, of course, were speculating who the mystery person could be. “Apparently Kathy Hilton‘s Assistant,” one wrote while another placed the blame on Rinna herself. “Lisa’s burner phone. Anything for clickbait,” another person speculated.

And this is Patrick Somrs entered the chat, stating that he was responsible for the text.

“@lisarinna. Why are you starting drama with someone that is half your age you overfilled ancient dinosaur. Anyways here’s Lisa’s number since she posted mine,” he wrote on IG in a now-deleted message captured by Queens of Bravo‘s Twitter account.

He claimed to have crossed paths with Rinna because he will apparently be starring on a reality show spinoff featuring husbands.

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He alleged the new series will “compete” with the Real Housewives and is set to feature an all-men cast, himself included. “We met Lisa just to get some pointers for our first season and drama started from the beginning,” Somrs wrote.

As the drama continued that afternoon, Rinna let her 3 million followers know she was unfazed and still looking on the bright side.

“What a bonus getting to talk to so many nice people today since that guy posted my number thanks so much!!! Love you guys so much!!! #Silverlining,” she posted.




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