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Ricky Martin’s nephew files sexual assault police complaint against him, attorney says claims are ‘completely untethered from reality’

Ricky Martin’s nephew files sexual assault police complaint against him, attorney says claims are ‘completely untethered from reality’

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A sexual assault complaint was filed against Ricky Martin in Puerto Rico Friday, just days after the singer’s legal team filed a lawsuit against his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, who had accused Martin of incest and sexual abuse.

Police officials told local media that the complaint was filed in a precinct in the Río de Pedras district in the capital San Juan.

Details of the allegation, as well as the name of the person who filed the complaint, have not been disclosed due to the nature of the case.

However, several outlets have identified Sánchez as the person who made the allegations.

A person who was not authorized to speak about the case told The Associated Press on Saturday that the alleged incident didn’t trigger an arrest because it hasn’t happened recently.

Martin’s attorney José Andréu-Fuentes is denying the allegations in a statement obtained by Deadline.

“These claims are wildly offensive and completely untethered from reality,” he said. “When this man previously made similar allegations, his legal case had to be withdrawn – not least because he himself admitted under oath that Ricky Martin had never assaulted him in any way.”

Andréu-Fuentes continued: “Now, after being sued for trying to extort Mr. Martin, he is attempting to spread his lies again. It is beyond time that the media stops giving this deeply troubled individual the oxygen of publicity and allows him to get the help he so clearly needs.”

On Wednesday, the “Living La Vida Loca” singer filed a civil lawsuit against his nephew seeking $20 million in damages to his reputation and at least $10 million worth of canceled projects.

The lawsuit followed explosive claims made by his 21-year-old nephew earlier this year. Sánchez alleged that the two had had a romantic relationship for seven months and that the singer refused to accept the separation.

On July 21 a judge declined to extend a temporary restraining order against the pop star after Sánchez “ceased his claims voluntarily,” a judicial spokesperson said during a hearing, which was held virtually.

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‘Therefore the case was archived and no further procedures are required,” the spokesperson added.

Shortly after the judge’s decision, the Grammy-winning performer celebrated the news on Twitter, writing that “truth prevails.”

He later shared a video on social media in which he discussed the enormous toll the accusations took on his loved ones.

“Thank God these claims were proven to be false, but I’m going to tell you the truth: It has been so painful, it has been devastating for me, for my family, for my friends. I don’t wish this upon anybody,” Martin, a married father of four, said in part.



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