Rihanna shows off her baby bump — PHOTOS

Rihanna shows off her baby bump

Rihanna is giving her fans a closer look at the pregnancy she’s been keeping under wraps in all those giant jackets over the past few months.

The pop star posted a new photo to Instagram on Wednesday in which she lifted up her football jersey with gloved hands to show off her growing belly. The outfit is the same one she wore out last week to grab dinner for her boyfriend ASAP Rocky as he was working in the recording studio.

She also shared photos from her and the rapper’s pregnancy announcement photoshoot that came out earlier this week, captioning the slideshow, “how the gang pulled up to black history month.”

On Monday, the two musicians announced the happy news that they are expecting their first child together via a series of photos taken in Harlem over the weekend.

In the images, Rihanna’s baby bump peeks out from a long, partially-unbuttoned pink Chanel Fall 1996 jacket, while the pair hold hands and Rocky plants a loving kiss on her forehead. Rihanna and Rocky started dating in November 2020 after being close friends for years.

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