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Roseanne Barr Blames Sara Gilbert for Roseanne Cancellation and Destroying Her Life

Roseanne Barr Blames Sara Gilbert for Roseanne Cancellation and Destroying Her Life


After ABC canceled her Roseanne reboot last May over Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet about Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, the comedian said in an interview, “I said to God, ‘I am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because I know I’ve done wrong. I’m going to accept what the consequences are.'”

My how times have changed.

In an interview with the Washington Post published Thursday, Barr blamed Roseanne co-star Sara Gilbert for tweeting that Barr’s slur about Jarrett had been “abhorrent.”

Barr told the paper, “[Gilbert] destroyed the show and my life with that tweet.”

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“She will never get enough until she consumes my liver with a fine Chianti.”

Denial of ones own fuck up and placing blame on others is never a good sign.

In response to that comment, Sara told The Post, “While I’m extremely disappointed and heartbroken over the dissolution of the original show, she will always be family, and I will always love Roseanne.”

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That all said, it looks like The Conners is coming back for a second season.

Now, Gilbert is on the cusp of a renewal for the show she headlines that spun out of the ashes of Roseanne.

She and the other three principal cast members; John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Lecy Goranson; have all reportedly signed lucrative new deals to come back for a 13-episode second season of The Conners, according to Deadline.

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