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Sarah Jessica Parker Reprises Carrie Bradshaw Role, Recreates Sex and the City Opening for Charity Ad

Sarah Jessica Parker Reprises Carrie Bradshaw Role, Recreates Sex and the City Opening for Charity Ad

Sarah Jessica Parker

While we may not get a third Sex and the City movie, at least we get a mini return of Carrie Bradshaw.

Nearly 15 years after the final episode of the hit HBO series aired in 2004, Sarah Jessica Parker has very briefly revived her role as Carrie Bradshaw, recreating the iconic opening bus sequence in a new commercial for Stella Artois.

This past Saturday, Parker shared a teaser for the ad on her Instagram page with the following caption: “My old friend. She is making a brief reappearance. Partnering with a great brand and supporting a cause we all care about. More to come. X, SJ.”

The 15-second spot is part of the beer brand’s partnership with Matt Damon‘s non-profit organization, which provides access to clean water to communities across the world.

“It was peculiar in a way, but really, really fun and joyful,” Parker tells PEOPLE exclusively of shooting the ad.

“It was sort of like time stood still for a second and this alternate universe of that life was presented again.”

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In the new spot, you’ll hear the familiar Sex and the City theme music and watch Parker in a scene similar to the series’ opener, filmed on the streets of Manhattan next to a New York City transit bus.

Parker said she decided to get on board because of the creative treatment of the shoot ― and the cause itself.

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Sarah said:

“I think just being right and clever about how they wanted to present Carrie for this particular idea — I relied upon their good taste and the subversive nature of it. I think it’s smart. … In the past, you have a script and you have all the words you need to remind you if you’ve been away for a while. But this felt like an alternate universe. I was surrounded by smart and good people. It was really easy and really fun.”

Watch the return of Carrie Bradshaw below.



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