SNL: Lil Nas X gives God an Easter lap dance but denies Matt Gaetz one — WATCH

Saturday Night Live Lil Nas X

Last night’s (Apr. 03, 2021) Saturday Night Live‘s cold open was another episode of Britney Spears’ talk show, Oops, You Did It Again, with Chloe Fineman rebooting her stellar take on the numbed pop star who is also kind of a shrewd and perceptive interviewer.

She declared Lil Nas X innocent for his transgression of modeling Satan sneakers, and Mikey Day’s God seemed similarly nonjudgmental. Happy Easter, everyone!

The show began with Chris Redd as Lil’ Nas X, who in real life outraged conservatives this week with a new music video that features him doing things like giving Satan a lap dance. He also made Nike mad with a pair of Nike sneakers made to look satanic. The gag ended with Lil Nas X making up for it by giving God an Easter weekend lap dance, though as Nas explained, that wasn’t the real God, it was just a friend of his in a costume.

Next was Kate McKinnon as Warner Bros.’ cartoon character Pepe Le Pew, who won’t be in the new “Space Jam” movie in part because his whole thing is kind of… rapey. McKinnon played Pepe as basically a problematic 20th-century French intellectual chain-smoking and gossiping, while also insisting he’s trying to improve also, that he’s in treatment for sex addiction.

Then came Pete Davidson as Matt Gaetz. The hostess ran through all of the recent sexual misconduct allegations brought against Gaetz — including that he allegedly dated a 17-year-old girl who he took across state lines, and that he allegedly showed his Republican co-workers inappropriate pictures of the women that he slept with — before telling him, “I think I can smell a predator when I see one. After all, I was on The Mickey Mouse Club.”

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This is how Lil Nas X himself responded to the sketch:

Watch Lil Nas X, Pepe Le Pew, and Matt Gaetz on Oops, You Did It Again

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