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‘Superman of Fitness’ Anthony Catanzaro Wants to Make Your 2021 Better with a Gorgeous New Calendar

‘Superman of Fitness’ Anthony Catanzaro Wants to Make Your 2021 Better with a Gorgeous New Calendar

Anthony Catanzaro 2021 Calendar

Model Anthony Catanzaro, who brought us the HEAT earlier this year with a book of dazzling photos is back with another treat.

We’ve all been looking forward to 2021 and, now, there’s even more to look forward to, as Anthony is releasing a new calendar packed with photos to help make ’21 an even better year.

The calendar, with its gorgeous, black and white images, is available on Anthony’s website. It makes the perfect gift for a friend or loved one (and it’s also a great way to give yourself a treat. You know you deserve it.)

Anthony Catanzaro 2021 Calendar

We talked to Anthony about the new calendar and what he’s hoping for in the New Year.  He also shares some fitness tips for those of you who want to get a jump start on those New Year’s resolutions.    

Why did you decide to release a calendar?   
I have been wanting to make a calendar for many years now and it just so happens that 2020 happens to be the one year everyone wants to forget. My 2020 calendar was loaded with great photos and inspiring quotes. My photographer John Falocco and I were very proud of it, so we thought, why not make a 2021 calendar, which is based on Victory! Not just victory over the pandemic, but victory in one’s self! A reminder of sorts, that we are more able and capable of achieving more than we know. I hope my 2021 calendar inspires people to keep forging forward and to never ever look back.

What’s your favorite photo that you selected for the calendar? 
I love them all but my favorite is October because the contrast between my skin and the white tank-top and the look in my face and my body stature, to me it resembles a Roman god statue.

Anthony Catanzaro 2021 Calendar

How has 2020 been for you so far?
My wife and I have been battling way before 2020.  When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015, it was a catastrophic crush to us both. So, when 2020 came around, we were already in battle for many years prior. 

How have you been staying fit during quarantine? 
I have always said that to be in your best shape, it isn’t so much what you are doing for exercise, it is what you are putting in your stomach. What I’m saying is diet crucial to maintain or to get in shape.  When I say diet, I mean following a healthy balanced diet. Many people make a meal out of pasta, or they may just nibble on crackers and cheese and have a glass of wine with it.  This is not a balanced meal, and I believe you are what you eat. So it doesn’t matter whether I am quarantined or not, what truly matters is my nutrition.

Anthony Catanzaro 2021 Calendar

What is the best piece of fitness advice you could share for others trying to stay fit during COVID?
If God made it use it, if man made it lose it! This phrase that I created means try to eat as much as you can of natural unprocessed foods. It’s so easy to have a couple of slices of pizza and a beer, but if you make that a habit, you will soon find out that you have gained 15-20 pounds without even knowing it.  This is what leads to depression, obesity and disease.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
Seeing people smile again, especially children. It breaks my heart when I see a child suffering. So, when this is all over, I am going to be very happy, because I love life and I love people and I care very much about everyone! Also, I would definitely book a vacation for my wife and I on a beautiful tropical island.

Anthony Catanzaro 2021 Calendar

Grab your 2021 calendar at and for more eye candy and inspiration,  follow Anthony on Instagram and Twitter.

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