Talking The Browns with the iconic Tammie Brown

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Tammie Brown The Browns

From the moment she stepped into the werk room on season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tammie Brown stole our hearts.

The always quirky queen made Drag Race her-story with her walking children in nature” rant and her eccentric personality and Untucked catchphrases made All Stars season one even more memorable. In between recording songs, including “Clam Happy” and “Shubert”, Tammie has developed and stars in her own web series, The Browns.

The hilarious television series that began as two-minute comedic sketches on Instagram, returned for a second season on November 5 on OUT TV and Amazon Prime, with new episodes airing Fridays. 

Tammie Brown The Browns

In the series, Tammie plays a semi-retired singer and homemaker and Drag Race season six’s Kelly Mantle plays her delightful dipsomaniac manager and best friend.

The Browns re-imagines the family sitcom in a way that is strange, vulgar, and deliciously outrageous.  “I grew up on shows like Step by StepFull House, and Family Matters,” says the series creator John Mark (who also plays the role of Brown’s son).  “I wanted to make a show that implemented traditional 90’s family sitcom tropes into a queer space.”

In addition to Tammie and Kelly, this season of The Browns also features appearances by Drag Race alums Katya, Honey Davenport, Mariah Balenciaga, and Sherry Vine, as well as non-drag notables Cazwell and Jen Kober

We had a chance to chat with Tammie about the show and some of her favorite things, as she answered the Socialite Seven. Get caught up with this truly unique entertainer.

Tammie Brown The Browns

How did you develop the idea for the series? 

John Mark, who plays my son Billy in The Browns, had the idea and reached out to me, and we developed it together.

How did you get Kelly Mantle involved? 

John Mark asked me which queen I'd like to work with, so of course I said Kelly Mantles because she's so talented and funny. 

How would you describe your relationship? 

A real bosom buddy, a real friend, a kindred spirit who I feel I have a soul connection with, and we work together well. And she's a real pain in my ass too because she's a hypochondriac. 

Tammie Brown The Browns

What can audiences expect from the new season of The Browns?

Lots of thrills and new storylines and new music! 

What’s the biggest challenge in putting a project like this together? 

The biggest challenge is coordinating everyone's schedules, and Ethel is the most complicated.

Where would you like to see the characters go in future seasons? 

Down Under to Australia. 

How were you able to get so many fabulous guest stars? 

Because I'm Tammie Brown. We've had to turn away many.

Tammie Brown The Browns

You have exceptional taste in music. What are you listening to now? 

Erasure's “Pop 20 Hits” which makes me reminisce about dancing with Kelly Mantle and Michael Catti. We burn up the dance floor.

What’s next for you? 

A series of singles coming out, my Holiday Sparkle tour in NYC (Dec. 5th) and Los Angeles (Dec. 22nd). I'm also planning a new collection of Rag Queenz and also new merchandise at It's always fresh and fashionable.

Tammie Brown The Browns

Tammy Answers the Socialite Seven

Who has been the biggest influence on you in your career so far? 

Tina Turner and Sheila from The Browns.

What talent would you like to wake up with tomorrow?

I want to learn how to play the xylophone. Get ready for new sounds and rhythms you're going to be getting from me.

What are three things you can’t live without? 

Love, lipstick and sweet iced tea.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Patience. Stay in your own lane. Follow your heart. 

Who would you want to portray you in the story of your life?  

Timothee Chalamet…or myself just like Howard Stern did.

What are you asking Santa for this Christmas? 

That's my secret, and his wish to make come true.

What are you most grateful for?

Mi Vida Loca!

Check out new episodes of The Browns Fridays on OUT TV and Amazon Prime. Follow Tammie on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You can also book Tammie for a special message for yourself or a loved one on Cameo.


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