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Clearing up the Taylor Swift and Adele collaboration rumors

Clearing up the Taylor Swift and Adele collaboration rumors

Taylor Swift and Adele

Fans were convinced that a Taylor Swift and Adele collaboration was on the way after a song titled “Broken Hearts” was apparently registered online – with both artists named as writers.

On July 2, 2021 screenshot of the registration was posted by a Twitter account called “The Swift Society.” The track appears on a SESAC (the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers) registry, one of the oldest performance rights organizations in the United States.

Titled as “Broken Hearts” and, under an “AKA titles” section, “Shattered Hearts,” the song’s writers are credited as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins and Taylor Alison Swift.

The most popular fan version of the rumor is that the track will appear on the forthcoming ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’, the next album that Swift is re-recording in response to her well-publicized dispute over ownership of her masters.

That said, one should never trust a screen grab on a fan account. Later that day, an unnamed source told E! News that “‘there is no truth’ to the reported collaboration.”

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Jan Ravnik

Vulture did a SESAC search of their own and their search turned up blank.

With this news, we can only hope for a future potential collaboration as the “Broken Hearts” looks as if it broke the hearts of Taylor Swift and Adele fans.



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