The Five — Big Time Rush, Karter Payton, “Sour Candy,” His Role Was to Help, and Dear White People

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Big Time Rush

This is The Five, our run down five things that we are passionate about, loving, are truly obsessed with, can't wait for, give us a laugh, are truly inspirational, or are worthy of a little shade.

Today in The Five, we are featuring a Big Time Rush reunion, the brave Karter Payton, Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK get trippy, “his role was to help,” and Dear White People parody “I Take Responsibility.”

ONE: Big Time Rush Reunites

Big Time Rush had a virtual reunion and surprised fans with an acoustic rendition of “Worldwide.”

TWO: Say Hello to Karter Payton

On the same day that the Supreme Court passed down a landmark ruling in support of the LGBTQ community, Walking Dead star Khary Payton introduced his transgender son Karter to the world — and it was all Karter's idea!

THREE: The “Sour Candy” Lyric Video

Lady Gaga's and BLACKPINK get kind of trippy.

YouTube video

FOUR: His Role Was to Help

Bless this man.

FIVE: Dear White People

The amazing people who bring us Dear White People at Netflix have given us a pitch-perfect parody of that “I Take Responsibility” video titled “Dear Us People.”

Here is the original for a refresher:

YouTube video

Here is the parody:


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