The Five — Diane Keaton’s Fork Quest, John Lewis, a Surprise, a Dog & a Burrito, and Father’s Gift

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Diane Keaton’s Fork Quest

This is The Five, our run down five things that we are passionate about, loving, are truly obsessed with, can't wait for, give us a laugh, are truly inspirational, or are worthy of a little (or a lot of) shade.

Today in The Five, we are featuring Diane Keaton in need of a fork, John Lewis body surfing, an amazing surprise, a dog eating a burrito, and a father's gift.


Diane Keaton Needs a Fork

Where does she keep her forks?


John Lewis Body Surfing

I mean. What a legend.


An Amazing Surprise

The look of shock on the nurse's face is priceless.


Burrito Time

Who doensn't love a good burrito?


Don't Cry

You cried, right?

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