The Five — John Krasinski, Tommy Dorfman, Fun Dad, Balloon Puppy and Dolly Parton

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John Krasinski

This is The Five, our weekday rundown of five things that we are loving, can't wait for, or are truly obsessed with!

Today in The Five, we are featuring John Krasinski welling up, Tommy Dorfman making banana pudding, a fun dad, a balloon puppy and Dolly Parton serenading us all.

ONE: We Don't Deserve John Krasinski

John Krasinski fights back tears as he says goodbye to Some Good News. For now.

YouTube video

TWO: Tommy Dorfman Makes Banana Pudding

This is definitely something…

THREE: Talk About a Fun Dad

We're taking the garbage out. It's time to put on your costume.

FOUR: Balloon Puppy

I mean…go out and get a puppy now!

FIVE: Dolly Parton Serenades Us All

Dolly sings “Try” and you'll try not to shed a tear while watching her sing.


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