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The Week in Drag – the All Stars roast Carson Kressley, meet the queens of Drag Race Down Under, Trixie and Katya watch Black Mirror and more

The Week in Drag – the All Stars roast Carson Kressley, meet the queens of Drag Race Down Under, Trixie and Katya watch Black Mirror and more


Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to a holiday weekend edition of the Week in Drag! This week, the final four All Stars break out the jokes as they poke fun at one of the show’s beloved judges.

We also got to meet the ten queens from the land down under ready to compete for the crown on the third season of a beloved international franchise and meet the latest addition to the Drag Race Italia judges’ panel.

We also have recaps and reviews of last week’s All Stars challenge, more gay her-story from Willam and new makeup videos from Jaymes and Trixie. Who needs fireworks when you have these sizzling queens? Let’s bring it to the runway!

Well, we are down to our top four on RuPaul’s Drag Race All StarsKandy, Jessica, Alexis, and Jimbo. Alexis is delighted that she got her first win and is confidently charging into this week (which never seems to end well…but I digress.) We see that all of last week’s lipsticks (except for one) bore LaLa’s name, so we can now leave Alexis alone, okay?  In other post-elimination chatter, Jessica was happy to see Kandy finally in the bottom, and Jimbo asked Alexis what it felt like to win a lip sync.

Ru enters the werk room and informs the queens that they will be once again tasked with showcasing their comedic chops as they roast judge Carson Kressley, the king of “zhuzh.” They also need to roast the other judges and each other. Since Alexis won last week, she gets to pick the order.

Kandy is confident regarding her roasting skills, as she won her season’s roast. Her only issue seems to be the word equestrian’s pronunciation (and meaning). Jimbo and Jessica are doing their first roast and are understandably nervous, and Alexis is eager to have us all forget her roast of Michelle Visage in her original season.  Jimbo decides to resurrect his Snatch Game Joan Rivers for the roast, which is risky, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Jimbo. Alexis decides to go first, followed by Jessica, Kandy, and Jimbo.

The queens get some coaching from Michelle and season 2 Snatch Game contestant Alec Mapa. Jessica, who earlier admitted that she didn’t want to be too cruel, was told that she was, indeed, being too nice. Kandy is still struggling with the word equestrian and is rattling off her jokes way too quickly. Alexis’ storytelling was giving wedding toast as opposed to savage roast, and Jimbo spent more time explaining his jokes rather than telling them. 

As the queens continue to finesse their sets, Katya makes a guest appearance.  She doesn’t really offer much in the advice department, but it’s always great to see her, even as she Nancy Drews around the werk room trying to ferret out some behind-the-scenes drama and then slithers away like a snake. She’s hilarious.

As for the roast, the queens definitely improved since their coaching session. Alexis wasn’t getting big laughs, but she wasn’t flopping like last time. Jessica got over her fear of being cruel and delivered some solid jokes. Kandy managed to enunciate and even pronounce equestrian properly, and Jimbo absolutely killed it as Joan Rivers. We even get a special guest roaster, Jackie Would, a/k/a Carson’s Queer Eye co-star Thom Filicia (in his Secret Celebrity Drag Race persona.) 

This week’s runway theme was ‘Snow Bunny,” and the frozen fashions were le stun. Alexis wore a mint green velvet bodysuit with a ruffled headpiece and a cotton candy pink wig (which I loved.) Jessica donned a blue bodysuit and a coat emblazoned with snowflakes. Kandy showed a lot of flesh in a sparkly two-piece bikini and fur coat and Jimbo looked amazing in a feather bedecked gown and a beautiful, structured wig.

No shocker here, but Jimbo is the week’s big winner, leaving Kandy, Jessica and Alexis up for elimination. This week’s Lip Sync Assassin is the true killer, Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Jimbo is in his baloney-tossing white latex outfit and once again flings lunch meat at the judges to the tune of Midnight Star’s “Freak-A-Zoid.” It’s chaotic and probably the most fun lip sync of the season. And guess what? Jimbo finally wins a lip sync! And, not surprisingly, Alexis is the queen who has to sashay away.  Next week, lesbian makeovers!

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Say “G’Day” to the latest batch of queens competing to be Australia’s Next Drag Superstar.  RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under returns for its third season on July 28th at 12:01am PT on WOW Presents Plus. Returning to preside over the queens this season is host, Supermodel of the World RuPaul, and judges Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicholson.

10 fierce and fabulous queens from across Australia and New Zealand will be put to the test, competing to snatch the crown. Only one can walk away with the glory, bragging rights, and the title of Down Under’s Drag Race Superstar. The 10 queens fighting for the crown are: Amyl, Ashley Madison, Bumpa Love, Flor, Gabriella Labucci, Hollywould Star, Isis Avis Loren, Ivanna Drink, Ivory Glaze, and Rita Menu.

On the queens competing, RuPaul says: “Australasian drag is filled with heart and humour, and I’m thrilled to share my season three queens to the world, for all to see their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.”

In other international Drag Race news, this week World of Wonder ruvealed the official panel of judges for the third season of Drag Race Italia, which includes the newly appointed White Lotus actor Paolo Camilli and singer Paola Iezzi. The two will be joining returning host extraordinaire Priscilla and judge Chiara Francini. The series will be available to stream soon on WOW Presents Plus.

Best known for his role on season two of White Lotus, which earned him the SAG award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series in 2023, Paolo Camilli mentioned how excited he was to be part of Drag Race Italia, “As a fan of the show turned judge, I have butterflies in my stomach like when you’re at a concert of your favorite singer and, among all the people, they hand you the microphone to sing the chorus of the song (if I go off-key, please be forgiving!). Now, more than ever, Drag Race is a necessary show, capable of fully representing who I am and what I do: telling the story of authenticity with lightness. I can’t wait to get started!”

Paolo Camilli

Known to the general public for her chart-topping successes as part of the duo Paola & Chiara, Paola Iezzi shared what an honor it was to join the show, “It’s my first time as a judge on a TV show. How thrilled I am that it’s for Drag Race Italia, a show that I love and of which I am first and foremost a fan, thanks to the strong bond I’ve always had with the LGBTQI+ and drag community. I adore their depth, which stems from the concepts of change, and self-transformation, as well as their artistic expression, irony, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. The excitement is truly overwhelming, and I feel the responsibility to fulfill my role to the best of my abilities. I am certain it will be another marvelous adventure.”

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And that’s. a wrap on our weekly round-up of all things drag!  Until we meet again, have a happy holiday weekend and, as always stay heathy, stay safe, support the queens and say LOVE!



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