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The White Lotus star Theo James says his prosthetic scene was toned down

The White Lotus star Theo James says his prosthetic scene was toned down

The White Lotus star Theo James

The White Lotus star Theo James has revealed that his nude scene was initially going to be “more graphic.”

Joining the hit HBO show for season 2, which swaps Maui for Sicily, James stars as Cameron Babcock in Mike White’s The White Lotus, and he’s made a big impression on fans with an exposing side-view.

According to James, the scene in question, which has already caused quite the stir on social media, had a version that was too revealing to show on TV so they had to shoot a more “subtle” edit.

“The initial version we shot was way too much,” James revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “So, we did a more subtle version. They toned it [down].”

The scene in the series premiere sees James’ Cameron Babcock as he follows Aubrey Plaza’s Harper Spiller to her hotel room where he plans on borrowing a pair of swimming trunks from Harper’s husband.

As Babcock changes into the shorts in front of Harper, she catches a glimpse of his nudity in a mirror while fetching some suncream and doesn’t know where to look.

Speaking of Harper’s wandering eyes, James said: “It’s interesting, at first we don’t know whether it’s deliberate or it’s accidental. But it reveals itself.”

But, according to the actor, the nude scene serves a purpose – we just have to wait until episode five to find out what that is.

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“It’s always character-driven. It’s always, you know, moving the [story] forward,” he added.

“It is in my contract that I’m not allowed to do anything without being completely naked. It’s funny because we’re all kind of naked. It’s a holiday show, really,” he quipped.



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