This Is How Queen’s Brian May Ripped ‘His Buttocks to Shreds’

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Brian May at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

First of all, ouch. Brian May is complaining of “relentless pain” after he was taken to hospital following a gardening injury that tore muscles in his buttocks – and, while in recovery, made a sustained attack on Boris Johnson’s preparedness for coronavirus.

Writing on Instagram, the Queen guitarist said: “I managed to rip my gluteus maximus to shreds in a moment of overenthusiastic gardening. So suddenly I find myself in a hospital getting scanned to find out exactly how much I’ve actually damaged myself. Turns out I did a thorough job – this is a couple of days ago – and I won’t be able to walk for a while … or sleep, without a lot of assistance, because the pain is relentless.”

He said he would “go dark for a while” on social media, “getting some complete rest, at home. Please, please don’t send me sympathy – I just need some healing silence for a while.”

May is an enthusiastic Instagram user, and has documented his lockdown during coronavirus on the platform, including with frequent solo performances.

Despite his promise to leave the platform as he recovers, he has posted further content. In one post he addresses Boris Johnson: “I believe you’re a decent man … but some terrible mistakes have been made under your watch. This country went into this crisis with a National Health [Service] that had been severely crippled by successive policies of successive governments, your predecessors, underequipped, underfunded, and we sent those doctors and nurses into battle without proper protection, which I think is a scandal that we forever must be ashamed of.”

I'm not sure, but would Kesha‘s butt mask's help?

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