Tom Daley gives a tour of Tokyo Olympic Village — WATCH

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Tom Daley has revealed “everyone” can fit in the Tokyo Olympic Village showers at once.

The 27-year-old driver has given fans a tour of the living quarters for athletes competing in this summer's games, which he revealed was “kitted out to the max” with flags and banners on display for Team Great Britain.

He teased: “Ever wanted to see inside the Olympic Village? Well, I'm about to show you.”

Joined by his roommate and fellow diver Matty Lee, he showed fans their beds and common area, which includes a fridge, TV and a kettle for tea and coffee.

The bathroom looked grand too with a “big ol' shower”, and Tom answered the all-important question.

He added: “Yes, we've tried. We can fit everyone in that shower at the same time.”

The star also opened up about the village's self-driving buses, a post office and huge dining hall.

He revealed: “They have pretty much every food you can imagine, 'cause they have to cater to everyone's dietary needs.”

Each bedroom contains two beds each, with crisscrossing wood beam flourishes for the décor.

There are reportedly around 3,600 rooms for 11,000 athletes at the village, and they all have to observe strict COVID-19 regulations.

Meanwhile, Tom – who has three-year-old son Robbie with his husband Dustin Lance Black – previously admitted he wants another child after the Olympics, which were delayed from 2020 because the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “I mean, we’ve always said we want a big family. Robbie, do you want a brother or sister?”

The tot – who was sitting in on his father’s interview – replied: “A brother and a sister.”

Tom added: “You want a brother and a sister? We’ve always said we want a big family. Definitely after the Olympics at some point, I’m sure we will.

“There aren’t any plans to yet, but we’d love to make our family bigger, of course…”

Although the pandemic caused havoc in Tom’s professional life, he’s been thankful to get more time at home to be around his son.

He said: “He’s changed so much in the last year.

“It has been so nice to actually be able to be home to see him grow, because in a normal Olympic year I wouldn’t have been home otherwise, to actually experience him changing into the lovely little human being [he is].”

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