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The Week in Drag – All Stars updates, Trixie Mattel’s skincare tips, an early Christmas gift from Jinkx and Ben and more

The Week in Drag – All Stars updates, Trixie Mattel’s skincare tips, an early Christmas gift from Jinkx and Ben and more

Yuhua Hamasaki and Rock M Sakura

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to The Week in Drag, our latest weekly wrap-up of all things drag! It seems like season six of All Stars is zipping by – but we’ve got some of your favorite queens’ hot takes on last week’s runway and a season nine favorite discusses the “Ru-merican Horror Story” challenge and goth fashions with Trixie Mattel.

In addition, we bid a fond farewell to this week’s eliminated queen, get our weekly fix of laughter from Trixie, Katya and Willam and get beauty tips from Trixie and Jaymes Mansfield. We also have a gift we can’t wait to unwrap from Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme.

Let’s get moving and bring it to the runway!

Any chance we get to check in with actress/singer/activist Peppermint makes us happy. Here she chats with Trixie Mattel about this week’s spooky Ryan Murphy-inspired challenge and the “Oh My Goth” fashions on the latest episode of “The Pit Stop.”

I don’t know about you, but I was sad to see A’Keria C. Davenport sashay away this week. On “Whatcha Packin’?” she talks to Michelle Visage about reuniting with her season 11 sisters, discusses her time living as a transgender woman, and shows us her show-stopping “dripping in diamonds” finale look.

Last week, A’Keria discussed her time as “Kiki”, a transgender woman, during the “Pink Table Talk” challenge. Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor talk about the challenge and the pattern clashing fashions on the runway on “Purse First Impressions.”

There were a lot of opinions on last week’s looks and Raja and Raven are here to toot and boot the queens’ creations on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Yuhua Hamasaki and Rock M Sakura weigh in on the looks on “Bootleg Opinions.”

Since she will never be on All Stars, Willam is serving her own looks on her web series “Naw Stars.” Check out her take on the “Clash of the Patterns” runway.

On the latest “Paint Me Bitch”, she out-goths the queen-testants with a look created by makeup artist Nio.

Last week’s eliminated (too soon) queen, Scarlet Envy, takes us through her skincare routine and shows us how she achieved her beautiful entrance look.

Scarlet talks about the Pink Table Talk and the episode that sent her home with Us Weekly.

Two of our favorite queens from across the pond, The Vivienne and Cheryl Hole, watch the (I can’t believe it’s a real dating show) Sexy Beasts on “I Like to Watch.”

Trixie Mattel revealed she wears makeup when she’s not in drag and in this video, she shares her out-of-drag beauty routine. I don’t even do this much with my skin.

Trixie and Katya watch the second season of the Netflix comedy Never Have I Ever (and crack us up, as always) on “I Like to Watch”.

Here’s a collection of random, out-of-context clips from the first cycle of the sixth season of “UNHhhh” that are sure to brighten your day.

Katya joins YouTuber Sarah Schauer to play a game of “The Price is Right” with Facebook Marketplace items.  

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Trixie Mattel

Rock M Sakura follows a makeup tutorial from Valentina for some telenovela realness. She lives her full Valentina fantasy by applying makeup with nails on and finds out that, for we long nail ladies, the struggle is real.

Jaymes Mansfield is back with another celebrity wig recreation, transforming a red wig into a perfect Jessica Rabbit illusion.

The finale of the first season of Drag Race España is today and, before we crown a champion, watch as Alexis Mateo and Nicky Doll discuss the show’s Family Resemblance challenge. These queens are amazing, but I have to admit I have been #TeamCarmen since episode 1.

It’s Christmas in July! BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon are bringing a special gift to their fans this holiday season. The pair are taking their act on the road with The Return of The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Show, LIVE! Ben said, “After a year in captivity, Jinkx and I are bustin’ at the seams and rarin’ to go! Waiting for Santa is nothing compared to the excitement I feel to be back in theaters, sharing the holidays with the chosen family we’ve collected around the globe!”

The tour kicks off November 13 in the United Kingdom and will make 25 scheduled stops in Europe, Canada, and the United States throughout the end of the year. Tickets are available at

And that’s all the drag news we have to share for this week.I’ll leave you this week with Lagoona Bloo’s fabulous cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe, get vaccinated and say LOVE!



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