Wayne Knight Reprises Seinfeld Newman Role for Anti-Trump USPS Voting PSA

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Seinfeld alum Wayne Knight has returned as Newman, in a new political ad that criticizes President Trump’s handling of the U.S. Postal Service.

In the ad, sponsored by political action committee PACRONYM, Knight dons his familiar mailman’s uniform, although the ad refers to him as “your friendly local mail carrier” and not Newman.

Knight angrily rants about the Trump administration’s “systematic, premeditated assault on the U.S. mail.” He spits at the name of Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy (“The guy’s never even licked a stamp”) and takes umbrage at attempts to slow down the nation’s mail: “The only person who can slow down the mail is a mailman.”

Pulling out a very big turkey leg from his mailbag, Newman stresses that “When the mail stops, the world stops!”

Trump has cast doubt regarding mail-in ballots, which he has falsely claimed are highly susceptible to fraud, but Newman is reassuring voters their ballots will be delivered in time. Of course, he can't help but steal cookies from one package as he does so, but it's the thought that counts.

Written by Veep and Seinfeld writer David Mandel, who also convinced Wayne Knight to reprise the role, the ad concludes with a threat directed at Trump. “Alright Donnie, you know those tax returns? The ones you don’t want anyone seeing? You should never have mailed those,” he laughs.

Watch the video above.

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