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The Week in Drag – Class is in session with Drag Tots, Pandora Boxx talks All Stars, Kylie dies Dolly (again) and more

The Week in Drag – Class is in session with Drag Tots, Pandora Boxx talks All Stars, Kylie dies Dolly (again) and more

Drag Tots

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to our weekly wrap-up of all things drag. We’re coming down to the end of the sixth season of All Stars and we’ve got reviews and recaps of the action from some of your favorite queens in the latest The Week in Drag.

We also check in with last week’s eliminated All Star, the fabulous Pandora Boxx, and catch up with a season three queen! There’s lots of fun, laughs and ferocity to be had, so let’s bring it to the runway!

On the latest episode of “The Pit Stop”, Trixie Mattel and her season 7 sister Mrs. Kasha Davis take us through the latest episode of All Stars.

This week, the queens created their own characters for the World of Wonder animated series Drag Tots, and, coincidentally, the second season of the series debuted Friday on Wow Presents Plus. ‘The animated spectacular follows the cutest group of baby drag queens as they go back to school, but not everything is smooth sailing thanks to the Great Shade. You can catch your favorite queens voicing the tots, including RuPaul, Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Detox, Latrice Royale, Valentina, Monet X Change, Heidi N Closet, and Jimbo.

The delightful Pandora Boxx chatted with US Weekly about the episode that (sadly) sent her home. She takes a look back on her Snatch Game of Love performance (and reveals a few of her other options…one would have been perfect), discusses the coincidence of multiple queens wearing dresses with their faces on them on last week’s pop art challenge, her comments about Eureka O’Hara on the runway, the secret All Stars 6 secret group chat and lots more. I know it’s been less than a week, but I miss her already.     

Instead of recreating one of her All Stars looks, Pandora takes us through all of her fantastic looks that she showcased during her tenure on the show.  

Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor talked all things Snatch Game on “Purse First Impressions.”

Raja and Raven toot and boot the pop art inspired runway looks from last week’s episode on “Fashion Photo Ruview”

If you’ve been missing Shuga Cain in your life (like me), you need to tune into the latest “Bootleg Opinions”, as she joins Yuhua Hamasaki to ponder the “game within a game”, review the queens’ Snatch Game of Love performances and discuss the pop art runway looks.

Kylie Sonique Love’s Snatch Game performance as the iconic Dolly Parton was a true standout of the episode and if like me, you wanted more, you’ll be happy to know that our All Star released a new song, “Do It Like Dolly”, where she recreates some of Dolly’s most memorable looks, including her Playboy cover and her secretary drag from 9 to 5. I love this so much.

Drag Race Holland is here and Yuhua and Etcetera Etcetera from Drag Race Down Under rate and review the queens’ promo looks on this episode of “Bootleg Opinions”

Nicky Doll and Alexis Mateo are back to review the Nightlife Eleganza runway looks of Drag Race Holland in the international version of “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Trixie and Katya watch the third season of the makeup artist reality show Glow Up on “I Like to Watch.”

On the latest “Paint Me Bitch”, Willam shows us who would have been his “Snatch Game of Love” celebrity. Watch as Aurora Sexton uses makeup and prosthetics to transform her into her Drag Race sister, Detox.

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Jaymes Mansfield

Season three’s first eliminated queen, Venus D-Lite, talks about her life and career with Joseph Shepherd in his latest “Exposed” interview.  

Gemini Dai joins Honey Davenport to talk about the latest in weird news on “Da Fuq?” This week, the queens talk potty humor, drinkable water and share a Florida story about a gator eating bird.

Jaymes Mansfield transforms yet another Trixie Mattel inspired look. Here she takes a Farrah Fawcett flip and turns it into a full Dolly Parton as Doralee in 9 to 5 fantasy.

Rock M Sakura takes us behind the scenes on an underwater photo shoot.

Well, that’s it for another Week in Drag. We’re leaving you this week with Aquaria performing Lady Gaga’s anthem “Born This Way.” Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy, get vaccinated and say LOVE!



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