Who Snatched the Win on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars?

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars S6 E8

It’s a sad day in the Socialite Life offices, as one of our all-time favorite queens has to sashay away on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, but at least we were treated to the always entertaining Snatch Game. Our top six strutted the runway in pop art looks and this week’s winner faces a lip sync assassin who keeps herself ssssssoft and sssssupple. Let’s look back at the episode, shall we?

As the episode begins, the queens discuss last week’s twist elimination and the fact that Trinity K. Bonet is in the lead, despite not winning a lip sync. Trinity also told Pandora Boxx she voted to keep her and warned her that she needs to be “louder than Eureka” moving forward if she wants to stick around. Eureka O'Hara and Ginger Minj voted for Pandora based on her track record and last critiques and Eureka says she knows she needs a win.

The next day, Ru enters the werk room and announces that it’s time for the eagerly-awaited “Snatch Game of Love” he also announces that this week’s guest judge is Tina Knowles Lawson, a/k/a Mama Beyoncé, which throws Trinity into hysterics (as you would suspect.)

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When it came to the main challenge, as with any Snatch Game, some queens stand out more than others. In the first round, Ginger played the legendary comedienne Phyllis Diller, Trinity tried to break the Whitney Houston curse and Kylie Love Sonique donned a huge wig and acrylic nails to play the iconic Dolly Parton. Ginger’s Phyllis, with her snappy one-liners and oversized personality, won over the heart of “bachelor” Cheyenne Jackson (sigh…) but, Kylie’s Dolly really should have taken top honors. I swear she had the look and mannerisms down – and who doesn’t love Dolly? Poor Trinity was stuck in between two powerhouses and couldn’t help but blend into the background (although she looked stunning.)   

Next up, our “bachelor” is Fortune Feimster (who makes me miss The Mindy Project every time I see her.) Eureka pays tribute to the legendary Divine, Pandora unleashes her inner cougar to play Kim Cattrall and Ra’Jah O'Hara plays a friend of RuPaul, LaToya Jackson. Eureka had Divine’s Pink Flamingos look down pat and she really gave a convincing performance, giving us some of her classic lines. Eureka took to Twitter to lament that some of her best stuff was left on the editing room floor, but I thought she was great. While Ra’Jah totally missed the chance to don LaToya’s signature captain’s hat, her ditzy, giggly delivery was pure LaToya. Again, stuck in the middle was Pandora, whose jokes just weren’t landing (and again, she looked fantastic.) Fortune decided against any of the queen-testants and picked Cheyenne (and, to be honest, who wouldn’t?)    

On the runway, the theme was “pop art” and apparently, the queens are all big Andy Warhol fans. Ginger gave a nod to Warhol with her dress made of fabric printed with her face, but also winked at Lichtenstein with the plastic-look wig. Kylie gave us all of the cleavage with a yellow beaded gown with her face in the center and Eureka also gave us “face fabric” but paired with a baby blue latex unitard and a 60’s inspired hairdo.

Pandora gave us a comic book-esque look, complete with “Pow!” bubbles (I don’t know what else to call them) and a cute, neon green a-line minidress (I want the wig and the purse.) Ra’Jah brought back the boots she wore for her entrance look (and I am not mad about it) with a purple fur coat and curls. Trinity also looked like a Lichtenstein with a powerful message, holding a Black Lives Matter sign and wearing a dress bearing the names of those we’ve lost.   

Ru announces that Ginger is this week’s winner, tying her with Trinity as the season’s top all-star and that Trinity and Pandora are in the bottom two. Our lip sync assassin is season 12’s Miss Congeniality, Heidi N Closet. The pair lip synced for their legacy to Sheena Easton’s dance classic, “Sugar Walls”. Heidi lost her wig topper before she wanted to reveal the ponytail underneath (and showed us how it was supposed to have looked on Twitter) and Ginger collected a $20K tip and the power to send one of the top two home.

Sadly, the lipstick she reveals has the name I sure didn’t want to see on it, and Pandora Boxx is sent home.  (If you want to support Pandora, she has a Kickstarter for her first-ever album, so knock a little cash her way.)  And, of course, before she’s able to leave the werk room, Pandora is invited by Ru to play the still-unknown “game within a game”, so this may not be the last time we see her.

We are down to our final five and next week, the remaining queens have to get animated and create characters for a cartoon called “Drag Tots.” Who will be saying “That’s All, Folks” next week? Find out on Thursday and, until then, just remember that if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?  Can I get an “amen”?


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