Whose “Ru-merican Horror Story” performance was the most bewitching on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars?

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Ru-merican Horror Story

Well, our RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars have already showcased their talents, created fashions for the runway and showed us their vulnerable sides this season, and now it’s time for them to flex their acting muscles as they pay tribute to Ryan Murphy’s cult TV show, American Horror Story, and the divas who tell his stories.

As the episode opens, we get to find out who voted for who to get eliminated last week. It was a tie between Scarlet Envy and Jan, which, once again has Jan shook. Kylie Sonique Love says she didn’t wait 11 years to drop the ball. Does she? Before we have much time to dwell on this, Ru enters the werk room and announces that this week’s maxi challenge is an acting challenge. The queens must channel their inner Ryan Murphy diva for the spooky new mini-series “Ru-merican Horror Story: Coven Girl”.

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The queens all choose the characters hey want to play and some of the casting is spot-on. There is really no one better to play Scream Queens/Glee star Lea Michele than Jan, who can use her 110% personality to play a Rachel Berry-inspired character. Eureka O'Hara picks the bearded lady/Kathy Bates character. Pandora Boxx takes on the dual role of Frances Conroy’s Myrtle Snow and the ghost of Joan Crawford. Trinity K. Bonet and Ra’Jah O'Hara play Sarah Paulson’s conjoined twins and A’Keria Davenport is Gabourey Sibide’s Queenie character. When it comes to playing Jessica Lange’s Supreme, both Kylie and Ginger Minj want the meaty role, but a victory in a round of rock/paper/scissors lands Kylie the role, leaving Ginger to play the vain, Emma Roberts (who is also this week’s guest judge) as Madison Montgomery part.    

In order to get some inspiration and advice for their performances, the queens get a surprise virtual visit from the eternally stunning Angela Bassett. She jokes that before working with Ryan Murphy she had never been asked to play a character with “three tits and a ding-a-ling.” She did dole out some sage advice, telling the queens to center their characters in real emotions and draw from both the good and the bad. Angela also treated us with a little Tina Turner and her dazzling smile. I am as much of an Angela stan as the queens are.     

When it came to the challenge, the queens brought it. While the writing (as always) was on the lame side, most of the cast nailed their roles. Ru even made a cameo in the Soul Train-inspired finale. Watch for yourself.

On the runway, the theme was “Oh My Goth” and the fashions definitely brought out the queens’ dark sides. Everyone’s looks were praised by the judges with some standouts being Trinity K. Bonet’s feather-topped look, Jan’s complete understanding of the assignment (I want her coffin backpack), and my personal winner of the runway this week, Ra’Jah with her tailored pants and lacy bodice.  

Our safe queens this week are Pandora and Trinity. Ginger, Jan, Kylie and Eureka got top marks and A’Keria and Ra’Jah are once again pitted against each other in the bottom two. Our lip sync assassin is Manila Luzon and she and Kylie serve up a fierce lip sync to Christina Aguilera’s “DIrrty”. With her acrobatics and intense sex appeal, Kylie was a shoo-in to win, and she did, earning a week in an Italian villa. She then revealed that she voted to send A’Keria home, so we have to say goodbye to the ass almighty, bawdy queen.

As for our MVP of the week – of course, we have to give props to this week’s big winner, Kylie. She definitely took Ross and Michelle’s notes (and Michelle’s very dramatic line reading)  and delivered a performance that was, well, supreme. And, while not really goth, her runway look was just plain sexy and I loved her with dark hair. What made her this week’s true MVP was being able to do her acrobatic lip sync with a top that clung to her curves while not showing too much (besides some underboob). To say we couldn’t keep our eyes off her was an understatement.

And, as for our runner-up, let’s hear it for Pandora Boxx! Yes, Kylie did a great job channeling Jessica Lange, but come on, Pandora took on two roles and nailed both of them. Her Myrtle Snow was perfection, and her fiery “death” scene was at least one former All Stars’ favorite.

And, I don’t know about you, but I never knew I needed a goth version of Pandora in my life. Her black widow look was just wonderful. I don’t know which Drag Race editor she slighted, but she has definitely been getting a raw deal so far this season. She’s an immense talent and a drag legend, so QUIT. SLEEPING. ON. PANDORA. Okay, rant over.

That’s all for this episode. Next week, the queens are singing and dancing while creating a new anthem (which will then be available on iTunes, I’m sure.) Until then, remember that if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an “amen”?


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