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You’re not going to be seeing Shawn Mendes on TikTok for a hot moment

You’re not going to be seeing Shawn Mendes on TikTok for a hot moment

Shawn Mendes Sir Lucian Grainge Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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Shawn Mendes has “extreme social media addiction”.

The 23-year-old singer gets obsessed with various online platforms so regularly forces himself to take a break by deleting the apps from his devices, and he’s currently trying to avoid TikTok because it is “everything” to him.

He told Audacy: “TikTok is great. I have extreme social media addiction, so I have to really balance myself out.

“I have to delete those apps every now and again.

“I’m on a TikTok break right now. But when I have it, it’s everything…I am a child of Vine. They’re different, TikTok is much more advanced.”

Shawn’s girlfriend, Camila Cabello, previously revealed she also takes regular social media breaks for the sake of her mental health, because of the expectations to make everything look happy and positive.

She added: “Yesterday, I had a day off and I was just like, ‘I can’t be on social media today. I just notice it just makes my brain go so fast and sometimes you just need to take a break. A lot of the times I feel and I’m sure a lot of people feel, especially like female pop stars or pop singers, that the narrative can be kind of written for you.”

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But the ‘Havana’ hitmaker also understands the positive aspects of social media, including the fact it allows her to “take control” of her “own narrative” and show fans who she really is.

She added: “The thing I’m thankful for social media is that it lets me kind of take control of my own narrative and actually share who I am, as opposed to people telling other people who they think I am. That definitely makes me feel better because the other thing is just really frustrating.”



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