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A Jacob Elordi X-rated deepfake involving a minor goes viral

Hollywood actor Jacob Elordi has become the latest victim of explicit deepfake technology, with a video featuring his digitally superimposed…

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Join us for a kiki in SL’s Pop Culture Social Club Facebook group

We've just launched SL's Pop Culture Social Club Facebook group!

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Kate Beckinsale slams body-shamer for too-thin comment: ‘I am trying to survive’

Kate Beckinsale has responded to social media critics who are telling her she's "too thin" after her recent health scare.

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Kate Beckinsale Denies Having Plastic Surgery, Calls Out ‘Vicious’ Online Bullying

Kate Beckinsale is standing up for herself after receiving criticism for her appearance at the King's Trust Global Gala last…

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Justin Bieber Sparks Fan Concern as He Cries in New Instagram Selfies

In a recent post, Justin Bieber shared a series of images that offered a glimpse into his daily life. Among…

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Lizzo Seemingly Quits the Music Industry After Biden Fundraiser Performance

Facing overwhelming pressure and public scrutiny, the award-winning artist Lizzo hinted at a possible departure from the music scene—or perhaps…

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Richard Simmons Is Not Dying, Apologizes for His Social Media Post Confusion

Do not worry, Richard Simmons fans, the eccentric fitness guru is not close to death, despite his series of concerning…

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Meghan Markle on Social Media Hate: ‘It’s Not Catty, It’s Cruel’

According to Meghan Markle, the majority of the online "bullying" she experienced occurred during her pregnancy with her children, 4-year-old…

Miu von Furstenberg 6 Min Read

Taylor Swift Is No Longer Searchable on X After Fake AI-Generated Explicit Images Were Spread Across the Platform

If you're trying to search for Taylor Swift on X, formerly known as Twitter, you'll be out of luck.

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Ryan Gosling and Ariana DeBose Go Viral for Critics Choice Awards Reactions

While Ryan Gosling went viral for a reaction to his win at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, Ariana DeBose went…

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