Adam Lambert Looks Super Sexy For ‘Billboard’ Magazine, Talks About Toning Down His Fashion

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Queen + Adam Lambert In Concert - New York, NY

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Dead. Dead is what I am after seeing Adam Lambert in Billboard Magazine‘s “Men of Style” issue today. As the Taylor Swift fans would say, “RIP, Me.”

Along with Sam Hunt, Wiz Khalifa, and Miguel, Adam covers one of Billboard‘s four magazine covers, all about each of them approaches fashion. So what’s the big takeaway from Adam in his interview?

If you guessed that it’s about how he’s toned down his fashion sense from the past, clearly you know what Adam has been talking about recently! Or you just read the title. Haha.

In any case, that is what Adam had plenty to say. “I’ve put down a lot of the makeup,” he explained. “I put the flat iron in the attic. I’m looking at people like Elvis and James Dean.” Clearly, it’s working. Still, his new look isn’t something that he very strategically planned. “I’ve been asked with this album campaign, ‘Did you want to tone it down?’ It wasn’t that I was consciously [doing that], though. It just shifted.”

And that shift totally makes sense with where Adam is in his career. The Original High has a totally different feel to it than For Your Entertainment or Trespassing, and Adam’s fashion sense has shifted with it. Also, this quote from him in Billboard made me giggle, “I’m not a waify little 22-year-old model, as much as sometimes I’d like to be, for fashion’s sake. Margiela is cut for, like, men.” Well, thank goodness you’re not “a waify little 22-year-old model”! We love manly Adam. Especially when he posts photos like this.

Check out the rest of his interview over at Billboard, and make sure grab a copy of the magazine. I’d do it sooner, rather than later if you want Adam on the cover. But before you do anything, you should launch the gallery for a whole slew of Lambert. Billboard posted a bunch of great shots, and Adam fan @14gelly was kind enough to screenshot a bunch from the video below! Basically, you guys, bask in the Adam glow.

This was originally published on August 20, 2015.

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