Allison Mack, former NXIVM “sex cult” leader, released from prison after two years

Actress Allison Mack Appears In Court Over Case Involving Alleged Sex Cult

Former television actor Allison Mack, who pleaded guilty for her role in a sex-trafficking case tied to the cult-like group NXIVM, has been released from a California prison, according to a U.S. government website.

Mack, best known for her role as a young Superman’s close friend in Smallville, was sentenced to three years behind bars in 2021 after pleading guilty two years earlier to charges that she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves for NXIVM leader Keith Raniere.

Online records maintained by the Federal Bureau of Prisons said Mack, 40, was released Monday from a federal prison in Dublin, Calif., near San Francisco.

Actress Allison Mack Arrives At Court Over Sex Trafficking Charges
Allison Mack on May 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Getty Images)

The Albany Times-Union first reported her release. Mack avoided a longer prison term by cooperating with U.S. authorities in their case against Raniere, who was ultimately sentenced to 120 years in prison after being convicted on sex-trafficking charges.

Mack helped prosecutors mount evidence showing how Raniere created a secret society that included brainwashed women who were branded with his initials and forced to have sex with him.

Allison Mack The WB Network's 2002 Summer Party
Photo by Getty Images

In addition to Mack, members of the group included an heiress to the Seagram’s liquor fortune, Clare Bronfman, and a daughter of TV star Catherine Oxenberg of Dynasty fame.

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Mack would later repudiate Raniere and express “remorse and guilt” before her sentencing in federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y.



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